Madrid Open: Carlos Alcaraz Opens Up About Getting Help When Coach Juan Carlos Ferrero Was Away

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Madrid Open: Carlos Alcaraz Confesses to Seeking Mental Help Owing to Coach Juan Carlos Ferrero’s Absence

Carlos Alcaraz and his coach, Juan Carlos Ferrero, share a bond that transcends the typical coach-player relationship. Ferrero’s absence during Alcaraz’s South American tour due to a knee operation left the young player grappling with both on and off-court challenges alone. Alcaraz opened up about this difficult period, highlighting the crucial role his coach plays in his life.

During the South American tour, Alcaraz faced setbacks such as an ankle injury at the Rio Open, which affected his confidence in his game. Without Ferrero’s guidance, he struggled to maintain his form, leading to disappointments in tournaments like the Argentina Open.

Carlos Alcaraz
Carlos Alcaraz (Credits: NBC Sports)

Fortunately, Ferrero recovered from his injury in time for the Indian Wells tournament, where his coaching proved instrumental in Alcaraz’s victory. Their partnership, which began when Alcaraz was just 14, has seen significant success, with Ferrero guiding him to 13 tour-level championships.

Alcaraz expressed his gratitude for Ferrero’s unwavering support, emphasizing the special bond they share both professionally and personally. He credits his coach for helping him regain his form and navigate through challenges, acknowledging the invaluable lessons he has learned from Ferrero over the years.

Despite the hurdles faced during Ferrero’s absence, Alcaraz’s return to form upon reuniting with his coach signals a promising future for the duo. Fans eagerly anticipate their continued success as they navigate the highs and lows of professional tennis together.


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