Mahomes Voices Support for Letting Players Play Amid Controversial No-Call in Chiefs’ Loss to Packers

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Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes (Credits: WDAF)

Following the Kansas City Chiefs’ loss to the Green Bay Packers, quarterback Patrick Mahomes found consolation in the clear oversight of a pass interference call towards the game’s conclusion. Mahomes expressed to reporters that he prefers NFL officials to allow players to engage in physical battles for position throughout the game rather than consistently penalizing every instance of contact.

Mahomes acknowledged the likelihood of the defender being a bit early in the play, but he emphasized his inclination toward letting the players compete on the field without constant interference from penalty flags. He stated, “It is what it is, man. Obviously, the guy was probably a little early, but at the end of the game, they’re letting guys play. I’m kind of about that. I’d rather you let the guys play and let the guys win it on the field. It’s a hard job, man. When we’re in that situation, I can’t be wanting a flag. I have to go out there and win the game myself and with the rest of my teammates.”

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes (Credits: The Kansas City Star)

In the waning moments of the game, with only 50 seconds remaining, Mahomes launched a deep pass intended for Marquez Valdes-Scantling. The play raised eyebrows as it appeared that Packers cornerback Carrington Valentine had tightly covered Valdes-Scantling before the ball’s arrival. Surprisingly, the officials refrained from throwing a flag.

Post-game, NFL referee Brad Allen clarified the decision not to penalize, stating, “As you may know, on every play where there may or may not be pass interference, either offensive or defensive, the covering official has to rule whether contact materially restricts the receiver.” Allen continued, explaining that the officials in question believed there was no material restriction that reached the threshold of defensive pass interference. He clarified that catchability was not a factor, stating, “The covering official simply did not feel that there was the level of contact that rose to a material restriction for defensive pass interference.”

Ultimately, Green Bay secured a 27-19 victory in the game.


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