Man Sues Nate Diaz for 2023 New Orleans Street Fight

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‘Not Logan Paul’ sues Nate Diaz over 2023 New Orleans street fight

In a legal twist, the online persona ‘Not Logan Paul’ is taking legal action against Nate Diaz following a street altercation that occurred last April. Diaz, the Stockton native, is currently gearing up for his return to boxing against Jorge Masvidal in June, marking his second fight since departing from the UFC in September 2022. This comes after Diaz faced defeat in a boxing match against Jake Paul in August, subsequent to a street incident where he subdued an individual resembling Logan Paul.

The altercation in question unfolded after Misfits Boxing 006 in New Orleans, where Diaz was present to support his friend Chris Avila. Post-event, a chaotic brawl erupted outside the arena, during which ‘Not Logan Paul,’ identified as Rodney Peterson, approached Diaz and was swiftly rendered unconscious via a chokehold, hitting the pavement in the process. Although Diaz was initially apprehended for second-degree battery, the charges were dropped in September, following evidence suggesting self-defense.

Nate Diaz
Nate Diaz (Credits: The Sun)

Despite the legal resolution, Peterson has opted to pursue legal action against Diaz, as reported by TMZ Sports. The lawsuit contends that Diaz instigated the altercation without provocation, resulting in Peterson’s unconsciousness and subsequent head injury from the fall. However, the specifics of the alleged injury remain unspecified, and the monetary damages sought are currently undisclosed.

Diaz’s response to the lawsuit has been succinct, with his representative Zach Rosenfield reportedly responding with ‘LOL’ to inquiries from TMZ Sports. Diaz has consistently maintained that his actions were in self-defense, a stance reaffirmed since the initial charges were filed.

Meanwhile, Peterson’s year has been tumultuous, culminating in a boxing match earlier this year where he suffered a first-round knockout loss, adding to his prior winless streak in amateur MMA competitions.


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