Manchester City Did Not Allow a Player Who Earns £180,000 Per Week to Leave and Join Arsenal

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Mikel Arteta and Joao Cancelo
Mikel Arteta and Joao Cancelo (Credits: The Mirror)

Mikel Arteta, the head coach of Arsenal, wanted to bring Joao Cancelo as their player. He is currently playing for Manchester City. They wanted to make this move during the summer transfer window.

It is no longer a rumor that Arsenal had intention of signing Joao Cancelo from Manchester City. But this is something they were unable to do. The reason they wanted to sign Joao Cancelo to their team is because one of their players was injured. His name is Jurrien Timber. And Manchester City is a big team that won many outstanding games in their last season.

Manchester City Did Not Allow a Player Who Earns £180,000 Per Week to Leave and Join Arsenal
Joao Cancelo

Did Manchester City Want Joao Cancelo to Join Arsenal? No!

Well, it appears that Joao Cancelo himself was not disturbed in any way by going to Arsenal, but his team, Manchester City, did not want him to go there.

Joao Cancelo played for Bayern Munich on loan last season from Manchester City. Now, he is also playing for Barcelona on yet another loan.

“Arsenal wanted to sign Cancelo from Man City to play for their team. But Manchester City did not want him to go to Arsenal for reasons best known to them. However, Cancelo wanted to play for his former coach, Mikel Arteta,” as reported by Football Transfers.

And we are not surprised at such development from the two teams.

Manchester City did not want to help Arsenal in any way because they could remember how the same Arsenal signed two of their players last year. The two players were Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko.

Their fear was simply Arsenal came very close to winning the Premier League last year, which we all believe they do not want to happen.

Pep Guardiola, the boss of Manchester City, obviously may no longer be in need of Joao Cancelo to play for his team. However, he knows that Cancelo is still a really good player. He is being paid a lot of money, about £180,000 weekly! He is good at playing as a full-back. He is playing very well right now. So, even though Guardiola should say he doesn’t want him, Cancelo is still a very good player.

But this whole ride is what everyone believes: if Joao Cancelo had joined Arsenal, the team would have become better and even more powerful.

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Nicolas Pepe Sent a Message to Nuno Tavares After He Left Arsenal on Loan

Tavares will continue to stay at the City Ground till next summer. He wrote a heartfelt message on Instagram about him going to Nottingham Forest.

Nicolas Pepe Sent a Message to Nuno Tavares After He Left Arsenal on Loan
Nicolas Pepe of Arsenal FC during the UEFA Europa League (Credits: Roland Krivec/DeFodi Images via Getty Images)

Nicolas Pepe is happy that Nuno Tavares joined Nottingham Forest. Tavares to have left Arsenal was a good option.

Nuno Tavares, who is now 23 years old, did not do well at Arsenal. He was loaned to Marseille from Arsenal last season, which did not sound good at all. Tavares is good, but because he is still young, he does not play well always.

It would be hard for Nuno Tavares, the £8 million (BBC Sport) player, to become a star at Arsenal. This is because Mikel Arteta already had many good full-backs on their team.

Nuno Tavares, throughout his stay in Arsenal, has played 28 games for them since he joined them in 2021. Now, he is joining Nottingham Forest, which is also a big club in the Premier League. Maybe he will do better while playing with them and become a better player for them.

Let us see if Nuno Tavares, who is 23, can become a regular player in Steve Cooper’s team in the next few weeks and months… We will deliver the gist to you right here!


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