Manchester United’s Antony Faces Further Assault Allegations By Two More Victims

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Manchester United’s star footballer Antony has been accused of assault by two more women, who made the allegations in Brazilian media. The 23-year-old player was dropped by the Brazilian team ahead of the World Cup qualifying games after being accused of abuse by his former girlfriend, Gabriela Cavallin.

On Thursday, two more women came forward with similar claims. United had issued a statement on Monday to say they were taking the matter involving Antony “seriously.” The club has so far refused to comment on the latest allegations. Antony denies the accusations against him as well.

Investigations are going on in both Brazil and Manchester. Antony’s legal team has said in a written statement that they are cooperating with the Brazilian authorities in the investigations and will not comment further on the same.

In an interview aired on Brazilian TV station SBT TV on Friday, Antony again denied the accusations and insisted that he was not worried about being released by Manchester United.

“It’s something that has never crossed my mind,” he said in the interview. “I know the truth, and it will come out. I know many are massacring me, but the truth always comes out. Manchester United is on top of the whole inquiry. They are following and continue to follow.”

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Antony’s Recent Allegations

Ingrid Lana, aged 33, has claimed that the United winger had shoved her head against a wall when she refused to partake in sexual activity with him during a visit to his house in England last year. Rayssa de Freitas, a law student, claimed to have approached the police in Sao Paulo in May of last year, saying that she had been physically assaulted by Antony after leaving a nightclub…

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United has also been forced to deny accusations that the club had tried to cover up Antony’s alleged abuse of Cavallin. It is alleged that Antony called a United employee to look after Cavallin, who had sustained injuries in a Manchester hotel room. It is further alleged that the club employee arranged for a personal doctor to visit Cavallin, so that questions would not be asked about the origin of the injury.

However, the club has strongly denied the allegations made against them regarding the cover-up as “categorically false.”

United, so far, has refused to confirm or deny whether Antony would be available for the next matches. Their Premier League campaign will restart after the international break with a home game against Brighton on Sept. 16. The winger has continued to play for the club even after the initial allegations made by Cavallin in June.


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