Maradona’s children are seeking to move his remains from the cemetery to a mausoleum

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Diego Maradona

The children of the late soccer legend Diego Maradona have requested permission from an Argentine court to move his body from the private cemetery where he’s currently buried to a new mausoleum being built in Buenos Aires.

They want fans worldwide to have better access to honor him. The request was sent to a court in San Isidro, with all of Maradona’s heirs supporting it. The new mausoleum, “Memorial del Diez,” is being constructed in Puerto Madero, a neighborhood in the capital city.

The letter stated that it was a safer location for people to pay tribute to Maradona, who led Argentina to victory in the 1986 World Cup. Currently, Maradona’s burial place is in Jardín de Bella Vista, a private cemetery in San Miguel. Puerto Madero is a lively neighborhood near the Río de La Plata, popular among tourists for its restaurants and bars.

Diego Maradona

Permission from the court is required because of an ongoing legal case involving eight medical workers who cared for Maradona before he passed away.

Maradona’s children stated in their request that all necessary examinations on the body have been completed and asked for the transfer under specific conditions of security and confidentiality.

On October 30, which would have been Maradona’s 63rd birthday, his children announced the memorial’s construction as a tribute to him. This followed an agreement with national authorities, Buenos Aires, and the Puerto Madero corporation, which provided a space for the memorial at no cost.

Maradona participated in four World Cups from 1982 to 1994 and served as the national team’s coach in 2010.


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