Marc Goddard’s Stance on Refereeing UFC Fights Involving Leon Edwards

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Marc Goddard
Marc Goddard (UFC)

Marc Goddard, widely regarded as one of MMA’s top referees, has a notable stance on officiating fights involving UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards. Despite his extensive experience and involvement in numerous pivotal MMA moments, Goddard has made it clear that he will never referee a fight featuring Edwards.

This decision stems from a personal connection rooted in their shared history; Goddard was Edwards’ initial coach when he was an inexperienced amateur entering the sport.

In a recent podcast appearance, Goddard candidly explained his reasoning behind this choice. He emphasized their early mentor-mentee relationship, highlighting how he witnessed Edwards’ progression from a raw novice to becoming a dominant force in the UFC’s welterweight division.

Leon Edwards
Leon Edwards (UFC)

Given this history, Goddard expressed a desire to avoid any potential conflicts of interest or perceptions of bias that could arise from refereeing Edwards’ fights.

The decision reflects Goddard’s commitment to maintaining professional integrity and avoiding any complications that could arise from his previous role in Edwards’ development.

By refraining from officiating Edwards’ bouts, Goddard aims to uphold the standards of fairness and impartiality expected of MMA referees, ensuring that every fight he oversees is conducted with the highest level of officiating professionalism.

While Goddard acknowledges that criticism comes with the territory of his role as a referee, his decision regarding Edwards demonstrates a proactive approach to mitigating potential conflicts.

He remains dedicated to his responsibilities within the sport, continuing to play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and fairness of MMA competitions worldwide, albeit with a personal boundary in place regarding specific fighters like Leon Edwards.


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