Marvin Harrison Jr.: Being Top WR Draft Pick Doesn’t Bother Me, Despite Nabers and Odunze Buzz

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Marvin Harrison Jr.: I Don’t Care If I’m WR1 in NFL Draft Amid Nabers, Odunze Rumors

Marvin Harrison Jr., the former Ohio State star, expressed his indifference towards being the first wide receiver chosen in the 2024 NFL Draft during a discussion with USA TODAY Sports’ Chris Bumbaca.

Despite the buzz surrounding players like Washington’s Rome Odunze and LSU’s Malik Nabers, Harrison emphasized that his priority lies in finding the right fit for his career rather than being the top pick at his position. He conveyed his focus on landing in a situation conducive to his growth and development as a player in the NFL, regardless of his draft position.

Harrison’s notion of the “right situation” could align with the prospect of joining the Arizona Cardinals, where he would potentially become the primary receiver and benefit from catching passes from quarterback Kyler Murray, a two-time Pro Bowler.

Marvin Harrison Jr.
Marvin Harrison Jr. (Credits: New York Post)

The B/R NFL Scouting Department’s projections suggest that the Cardinals might indeed select Harrison with the No. 4 pick, making him not only the first wide receiver but also the first non-quarterback to be drafted.

However, the competition is fierce among the top receiver prospects, as indicated by B/R NFL scouts projecting Odunze and Nabers to be drafted within the top ten picks as well. Odunze is anticipated to be selected by the New York Giants at No. 6, while Nabers is predicted to join the Atlanta Falcons at No. 8.

Despite the possibility of the Cardinals opting for Odunze or Nabers instead of Harrison, his skill set is esteemed enough to potentially secure a top-ten pick regardless of the team selecting him.

Harrison’s primary concern lies in finding the ideal environment for his professional development rather than achieving a specific draft status. While being the first wide receiver drafted would be a bonus, he remains focused on maximizing his potential in the NFL and contributing effectively to whichever team selects him.


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