Matthew Slater secures a permanent position with the New England Patriots

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Matthew Slater

Matthew Slater has transitioned from his previous role but remains with the Patriots.

Instead of being an advisor, Slater is now a full-time employee, as reported by Mike Reiss of

Slater will serve as a valuable assistant to new head coach Jerod Mayo, acting as his “right-hand man,” according to Reiss.

Both Slater and Mayo were drafted in 2008, with Mayo being a first-round pick and Slater a fifth-rounder. Although officially listed as a receiver, Slater is best known for his role as a long-time special-teams captain and standout player.

Matthew Slater (Credits:

In his new role, Slater will provide input on football matters and contribute to team building and people development, according to Reiss.

This decision seems wise for Mayo, as having trustworthy and competent assistants is crucial for a head coach. Given the friendship between Mayo and Slater, there’s already a foundation of trust in place, which will likely benefit their coaching endeavors.


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