Max Griffin’s Crucial Juncture: A Tale of Resilience and Redemption at UFC Vegas 86

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On last fight of deal Max Griffin excited to prove himself against “dog” Jeremiah Wells at UFC Vegas 86

Max Griffin finds himself at a crucial juncture as he prepares to step into the Octagon at UFC Vegas 86.

The journey to this pivotal moment began with a disappointing decision loss to Michael Morales last July. Griffin, unsatisfied with his performance, was eager to make a quick return to the cage. However, circumstances conspired against him, limiting him to just one fight in 2023, much to his frustration.

“I asked to fight in Q4 because I’ve been training non-stop since my last fight,” Griffin revealed during an interview on Just Scrap Radio on “It was tough, but I kept pushing myself. David Goggins even reached out to me, commending my resilience and determination. That motivated me to keep pushing forward, improving, and making necessary adjustments.”

Max Griffin
Max Griffin (Credits: YouTube)

When the opportunity to fight Jeremiah Wells at UFC Vegas 86 arose, Griffin eagerly accepted. He recognized Wells as a formidable opponent who shared his penchant for exciting fights.

“I’ve watched his fights, and he’s an impressive fighter,” Griffin remarked. “He’s explosive and athletic, and I knew our paths would cross eventually. He’s faced some of the same opponents as me, so it’s a good matchup. Plus, he’s a grappler, but he’s also a brawler, which I enjoy.”

For Griffin, this fight carries added significance as it marks the end of his current contract. Despite the pressure, he remains confident in his ability to secure a decisive victory and enter free agency on a high note.

“I’m prepared for anything. If he takes me down, I’ll get right back up and take control. My goal is to finish him and leave a lasting impression,” Griffin stated emphatically. “This fight is my chance to showcase my skills and attract attention in the free agency market. I’m not ready to hang up my gloves just yet.”

As he approaches this pivotal moment in his career, Griffin remains unfazed by the uncertainty that lies ahead. He sees this as an opportunity to seize control of his future and continue his journey as a professional fighter.

“I thrive in situations like this. It’s where I do my best work,” Griffin reflected. “I haven’t decided what’s next, but I’m excited to explore my options and see what opportunities are out there. This is just the beginning for me.”


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