Max Holloway Advocates for Inclusion of “Real-Life BMF” at UFC 300

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Max Holloway wants ‘real life BMF’ involved at UFC 300

Former UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway has a clear choice in mind for the honor of strapping the belt onto the winner’s waist before his highly anticipated UFC 300 ‘BMF’ title clash against Justin Gaethje later this month.

Mark Coleman, the inaugural heavyweight champion in UFC history, emerged as a hero last month following his courageous act of rescuing his parents from a fire that engulfed their Ohio home. After the daring rescue, Coleman was airlifted to the hospital for treatment due to the effects of severe smoke inhalation.

Coleman, a UFC Hall of Famer aged 59, was alerted to the fire by his faithful dog Hammer three weeks ago. Despite successfully saving his elderly parents, Coleman attempted to retrieve his beloved pet from the flames but was thwarted by the intense heat and smoke.

Max Holloway
Max Holloway (Credits Sports Illustrated)

Now recovered and on the path to healing, Holloway believes there’s no more fitting individual than Coleman to be involved in passing on the title at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Speaking with MMA Junkie, Holloway expressed his admiration for Coleman’s recent ordeal and his unwavering determination, branding him a true ‘BMF’ in real life. Holloway remarked, “The only correct answer is Mark Coleman… That’s a real-life BMF. That would be sick if he did it. It would be an honor to get him to do it.”

Looking ahead to his showdown with Gaethje, Holloway emphasized his excitement for the forthcoming bout, regarding it as an unparalleled opportunity. While acknowledging the significance of the belt, Holloway stressed that the true value lies in the potential life-changing opportunities it brings.

However, his primary focus remains on the thrill of sharing the Octagon with Gaethje, whom he regards as a future Hall of Famer. Title or no title, Holloway relishes the prospect of facing Gaethje, emphasizing the privilege of competing against such a formidable opponent.


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