Max Holloway Disagrees with Ilia Topuria’s Fight Stance: A BMF Showdown in the Works?

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Max Holloway blasts Ilia Topuria for naming lone stipulation for accepting title fight: “That’s un-BMF”

Max Holloway recently responded to Ilia Topuria’s firm stance regarding a potential UFC clash between them. In an interview with Jim Rome, Holloway criticized Topuria’s approach, stating that it wasn’t in line with what he considers a ‘BMF’ (Baddest Motherf***er) mentality. Holloway emphasized that a true ‘BMF’ fighter would be willing to take on any opponent without making demands or conditions beforehand.

The possibility of a showdown between Topuria and Holloway has gained attention, with talks of it potentially headlining the UFC’s inaugural event in Spain later this year. Although specific details regarding the venue and date are yet to be confirmed by the UFC, Dana White, the organization’s president, is reportedly keen on making it happen.

Max Holloway
Max Holloway

Leading up to his impressive knockout victory over Justin Gaethje, Holloway had secured notable wins in the featherweight division against fighters like Arnold Allen and The Korean Zombie. Despite experiencing setbacks with three title losses to Alexander Volkanovski, Holloway remains determined to reclaim the featherweight throne.

While both fighters harbor mutual respect for each other, competitive tensions are brewing between Holloway and Topuria. The prospect of a BMF or UFC title bout between them has the potential to become one of the marquee matchups of 2024, drawing significant interest from fans and pundits alike.

Holloway’s criticism of Topuria’s stance underscores his commitment to the ‘BMF’ ethos, which prioritizes a fearless and unyielding approach to competition. In contrast, Topuria’s insistence on certain conditions before agreeing to the fight may be seen as contrary to this ethos by some observers.

As discussions surrounding a potential matchup between Holloway and Topuria continue to evolve, anticipation builds within the MMA community regarding the outcome of negotiations and the eventual realization of what could be a highly anticipated showdown.


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