Maxx Crosby: From Injury to Inspiration, Raiders’ Defensive Leader Sets Sights on NFL Domination

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Maxx Crosby

Las Vegas Raiders defensive powerhouse Maxx Crosby had a routine last season: sit out practice but deliver on game day. Despite battling a bad knee, Crosby played in all 17 games, showcasing his resilience and commitment to the team’s success.

Now, as the Raiders kick off their offseason program, Crosby revealed that his rehab has been remarkably successful, leaving him feeling better than ever before. Crosby’s performance last season, even while playing through injury, was nothing short of remarkable.

He achieved career highs with 14.5 sacks and 90 tackles, ranking sixth in the league in sacks. His relentless determination and warrior-like mentality on the field have earned him respect and admiration from teammates and coaches alike.

Raiders news: Maxx Crosby is a run-stopping star - Silver And Black Pride

Coach Antonio Pierce commended Crosby’s unparalleled work ethic, emphasizing his dedication to self-improvement. Crosby’s commitment extends beyond the field, as he remains in Las Vegas during the offseason to train diligently at the team facilities, setting an example for his teammates to follow.

Recognizing his leadership potential, Pierce challenged Crosby to encourage his teammates to also stay in town for offseason workouts. About 30 players answered the call, demonstrating the team’s collective commitment to excellence and improvement.

Despite his individual accolades and burgeoning reputation, Crosby remains focused on the team’s goals. He believes in the Raiders’ potential but emphasizes that talent alone is not enough; it requires relentless effort and determination to succeed.

Raiders' Maxx Crosby sets the tone in first presser of offseason program | Sporting News
Back from Injury- Maxx Crosby (Credits: SKY sports)

Furthermore, Crosby is considered a frontrunner for NFL Defensive Player of the Year next season. His dedication to training includes boxing sessions several times a week, showcasing his multifaceted approach to staying in top form.

Attending UFC 300, Crosby found inspiration in Max Holloway’s fearless approach to competition, a mindset he aims to embody on the football field.

As the Raiders aim to bounce back from last season’s 8-9 record, Crosby is laser-focused on the task at hand. He refuses to dwell on past defeats or distractions, emphasizing the importance of staying focused on the team’s objectives and leaving no room for distractions or doubts.


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