McGregor’s Training Buddy Forecasts Big Win Against Chandler at UFC 303

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‘Conor is too sharp and too well-rounded.’: Sparring partner backs McGregor to KO Chandler in UFC return

Conor McGregor’s sparring partner, former PFL champion Brendan Loughnane, predicts McGregor will overpower Michael Chandler when they face off in late June at UFC 303 in Las Vegas. Loughnane, having trained extensively with McGregor and competed at a high level himself, believes Chandler will be outmatched by McGregor’s skills and versatility once they step into the cage.

Expressing confidence in McGregor’s ability, Loughnane foresees him dominating Chandler, expecting a knockout victory. He emphasizes McGregor’s sharpness and well-rounded abilities, suggesting Chandler’s aggressive approach will play into McGregor’s strengths, particularly his experience in controlling the fight from the outside and capitalizing on opponents’ advances.

McGregor's Training Buddy Forecasts Big Win Against Chandler at UFC 303
McGregor and Chandler (Credits: Boxing News)

In detailing his connection with McGregor, Loughnane reveals their training sessions in Dubai, which were initiated through a message from SBG Ireland’s head coach. Their rigorous six-week training regimen was marked by intense sparring sessions, reflecting their mutual enjoyment and commitment to improving. Loughnane highlights their shared status as elite martial artists returning to peak form, reinforcing their camaraderie and competitive spirit.

While Loughnane offers his insights on McGregor’s upcoming bout, he himself is focused on his own fight against SBG Ireland’s Pedro Carvalho at a PFL event in Chicago. Despite his involvement in McGregor’s training camp, Loughnane remains dedicated to his own career, showcasing his professionalism and determination in the sport.


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