Michael Chandler Questions Arman Tsarukyan’s Decision: MMA’s Fast Moves and Title Opportunities

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Michael Chandler believes Arman Tsarukyan made a mistake by not taking the title fight at UFC 302: “This sport moves fast”

After Arman Tsarukyan’s victory over Charles Oliveira at UFC 300, it was revealed that he was offered a title fight against Islam Makhachev but declined, opting to wait for a full camp. Michael Chandler criticized this decision, emphasizing the fast pace of MMA and the importance of seizing opportunities. Chandler argued that Tsarukyan’s refusal might cost him his chance at the title, especially with Dustin Poirier stepping in for the title shot.

Chandler highlighted the rapid progression of the sport, noting that the lightweight title fight was set for June 1, followed closely by another significant bout featuring Conor McGregor and himself on June 29. He stressed the need for fighters to capitalize on opportunities swiftly,

as circumstances can change rapidly in MMA, potentially altering the trajectory of their careers. Chandler’s assertion underscored the volatile nature of the sport and the necessity for fighters to be proactive in pursuing their goals.

Michael Chandler
Michael Chandler (Credits: IMDB)

While Chandler’s viewpoint carries weight, Tsarukyan’s decision not to take the fight against Makhachev may stem from his desire for adequate preparation. Despite being a top contender, Tsarukyan had previously lost to Makhachev and likely sought to avoid repeating the experience without ample time to train. This preference for a full camp reflects Tsarukyan’s commitment to entering fights at his best possible condition.

Looking ahead, Chandler’s own ambitions are evident as he aims to secure a significant victory over McGregor at UFC 303. Despite the fight being at welterweight, Chandler recognizes the potential career boost that defeating McGregor could provide. By targeting high-profile matchups, Chandler is positioning himself to ascend the lightweight ranks and potentially leapfrog contenders like Tsarukyan in the title picture.

Michael Chandler’s critique of Arman Tsarukyan’s decision not to take the title fight against Islam Makhachev underscores the competitive nature of MMA and the importance of seizing opportunities.

While Tsarukyan’s reluctance may be rooted in a desire for proper preparation, Chandler’s emphasis on the sport’s fast pace and unpredictable nature highlights the strategic considerations faced by fighters. With both Chandler and Tsarukyan eyeing their respective paths to title contention, the landscape of the lightweight division remains dynamic and filled with potential for unexpected turns.


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