Michael Porter Jr.’s Remarks on WNBA Compensation Were Inaccurate and Detrimental

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Michael Porter Jr.’s WNBA pay scale comments were impossibly wrong and bad

The recent surge in interest surrounding women’s basketball has been undeniable, highlighted by notable events such as the 2023 NCAA women’s basketball national championship game featuring LSU and Iowa.

This game, as well as the 2023 WNBA Finals between the New York Liberty and Las Vegas Aces, garnered significant attention and set high TV ratings records for ESPN and the league, respectively.

The enthusiasm reached new heights as spectators witnessed the Caitlin Clark phenomenon, an experience akin to Beatles-mania for the young girls present.

Michael Porter Jr.
Michael Porter Jr. (Credits: Complex)

Despite the growing popularity of women’s hoops, the WNBA still grapples with substantial challenges. Teams frequently lack charter flights, player salaries remain notably low, and the league’s marketing strategies require a comprehensive overhaul.

Advocacy from both the media and male players is deemed essential to address these issues, but regrettably, some individuals remain uninformed.

Denver Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr. recently expressed cringe-worthy and inaccurate opinions about the WNBA on The Pivot podcast with Ryan Clark.

Porter Jr.’s remarks, comparing women’s basketball players to ping-pong players seeking higher pay, suggesting he would watch more if players dunked frequently, and misunderstanding the essence of pay equality have drawn significant backlash. A viral clip showcasing the perceived ignorance of Porter Jr.’s comments has fueled the controversy.

Known for both his basketball skills and controversial opinions, Porter Jr.’s latest commentary is unlikely to earn him new fans.

The debate centers on WNBA players seeking a fair share of shared revenue rather than identical salaries to their NBA counterparts, as Porter Jr. seemed to imply. Despite some improvements, WNBA players still contend with issues such as a lack of a cut from merchandise sales.

Porter’s use of the term “females” and his insistence on women dunking as a prerequisite for his interest has been particularly criticized on social media.

Many argue that the excitement of women’s basketball does not hinge on above-the-rim play and cite examples like Stephen Curry, who remains thrilling without frequent dunks. Criticism has intensified as people point out Porter’s familial connection to the game, with his sisters having played at a high level.

Social media reactions reflect the frustration and disappointment stemming from Porter Jr.’s comments, emphasizing the need for more informed discussions about women’s sports.

The incident coincided with USC freshman sensation JuJu Watkins scoring 51 points in a game against top-five Stanford, reinforcing the momentum of women’s basketball. As the sport continues to thrive, Porter Jr. is urged to reconsider his assumptions and engage in a more informed dialogue.


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