Mike Perry Aims for Bare-Knuckle Fight with McGregor, Sees Him as a True Competitor

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Mike Perry Vs. Conor McGregor
Mike Perry Vs. Conor McGregor

Mike Perry envisions a potential bare-knuckle showdown with Conor McGregor, nearly a year after their staredown in the BKFC ring. McGregor is set to return to the cage at UFC 303 against Michael Chandler in a welterweight main event, aiming to maintain an active schedule after a three-year hiatus primarily due to a leg injury and promotional commitments for his film debut in ‘Road House.’

Perry acknowledges the hurdles but believes it could happen, considering McGregor’s interest in throwing hands and boxing prowess evidenced by his bout with Floyd Mayweather.

Having become a significant figure in bare-knuckle boxing, Perry sees the potential match as intriguing. His recent wins against notable opponents like Julian Lane, Michael ‘Venom’ Page, Luke Rockhold, and Eddie Alvarez bolster his credibility in the sport.

Perry anticipates the verbal sparring with McGregor, relishing the challenge and the opportunity to exchange skills in the ring. Despite acknowledging McGregor’s renowned trash-talking ability, Perry remains confident in his own abilities and anticipates a thrilling matchup.

Mike Perry Vs. Conor McGregor
Mike Perry Vs. Conor McGregor (Credits: MMA Fighting)

Perry acknowledges McGregor’s reputation and expresses admiration for his willingness to take on challenges. He views the potential bout as a “big dream fight” awaited by fans, pledging to continue winning and intimidating potential opponents.

The prospect of facing McGregor excites Perry, who anticipates learning from the experience and contributing to a memorable spectacle. He believes McGregor, being a “real one,” might indeed be intrigued by the challenge presented.

In considering the matchup, Perry reflects on McGregor’s acknowledgment of his performance against Luke Rockhold and speculates on the Irishman’s interest in the challenge.

Despite recognizing the magnitude of the fight and the skill set McGregor possesses, Perry remains steadfast in his belief in his own abilities. The possibility of the matchup fuels Perry’s motivation to keep winning and attract attention from potential opponents, setting the stage for a potentially epic showdown between two formidable fighters.


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