MLB has officially recorded Stephen Strasburg’s retirement. He earned the title of the 2019 World Series MVP

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Stephen Strasburg

Stephen Strasburg, who won the World Series MVP in 2019 but faced many injuries, has officially been marked as retired by Major League Baseball on Saturday.

It was expected that he would retire for some time, but there was uncertainty about when and how the news would come out. Back in August, a source familiar with the situation informed The Associated Press that Strasburg had chosen not to attempt a return to pitching.

MLB’s transaction list stated: “RHP Stephen Strasburg retired.” A spokesperson for the Nationals mentioned that the team would not provide any comments until Strasburg himself addresses the matter.

Strasburg, now 35, was known for his powerful pitching and was selected as the top pick in the 2009 amateur draft. He played a key role in leading the Nationals to their first-ever championship. However, his last game was on June 9, 2022, and he has been dealing with injuries since then, including undergoing surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome.

Stephen Strasburg

Since signing a hefty contract in December 2019, Strasburg has only thrown a limited number of pitches and did not participate in spring training in 2023 or 2024.

He gained fame early in his career, especially after his memorable debut in 2010, where he struck out 14 batters and allowed only two runs against the Pittsburgh Pirates. This game became known as “Strasmas.”

Despite facing criticism for being shut down in the 2012 season due to injury concerns, Strasburg played a crucial role in the Nationals’ championship victory in 2019. He had a remarkable performance throughout the playoffs, including winning both his starts in the World Series against the Houston Astros.

Throughout his career, Strasburg amassed impressive stats, including a record of 113 wins and 62 losses, with a career ERA of 3.24. He earned three NL All-Star selections and led the National League in strikeouts in 2014 and innings pitched in 2019.


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