MotoGP seeks to gain fresh momentum in the United States, aiming to replicate the surge seen in Formula 1 as it looks ahead to the future

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A fresh American squad with connections to NASCAR, a new TV agreement in the United States, and forthcoming American ownership are some of the key developments in MotoGP, the premier motorcycle racing competition, as it aims to emulate the explosive growth seen in Formula 1 and attract a new audience, particularly from the U.S.

Bobby Epstein, president of Circuit of the Americas in Texas, which hosts MotoGP’s sole race in the U.S., believes MotoGP offers what American sports enthusiasts desire: a blend of athleticism and risk.

The acquisition of Dorna, the Spain-based organizer of MotoGP, by Liberty Media has sparked speculation about potential changes for the series, much like how Liberty revitalized Formula 1 after taking over in 2017.

Francesco Bagnaia, a two-time MotoGP champion with Ducati, sees Liberty’s involvement as a significant opportunity for MotoGP’s growth.

While Liberty has not outlined specific plans for MotoGP, its President and CEO, Greg Maffei, sees potential in expanding the sport’s global reach and enhancing the experience for fans, teams, partners, and shareholders.

Two significant factors contributing to MotoGP’s growth in the U.S. are the entry of Trackhouse Racing into the series, which could attract NASCAR fans and a broadcasting deal with TNT Sports to televise all sprint races and grand prix events live across various platforms.

Justin Marks, co-owner of Trackhouse Racing along with pop star Pitbull, sees immense potential in MotoGP and believes he understands the preferences of American racing enthusiasts, thus making the investment in the sport worthwhile.

MotoGP (Credits: Yard Barker)

Liberty hasn’t disclosed specific strategies for MotoGP yet, but its President and CEO, Greg Maffei, views the series as a fantastic sports spectacle with potential for global expansion. The company aims to enhance MotoGP for fans, teams, partners, and shareholders by leveraging its significant growth prospects.

MotoGP already has two significant factors in place to attract more American viewers: Trackhouse Racing’s entry into the series this season, potentially appealing to NASCAR enthusiasts, and a broadcasting deal with TNT Sports to air all sprint races and grand prix events live across various platforms.

Justin Marks, co-owner of Trackhouse Racing alongside pop star Pitbull, sees immense potential in MotoGP and understands the preferences of American racing fans, which motivated his investment in the sport.

These fans are drawn to the high-speed action of daredevil riders, with races often finishing in under an hour at speeds exceeding 200 mph. Trackhouse Racing is actively encouraging NASCAR fans to explore MotoGP.

Trackhouse NASCAR drivers Ross Chastain and Daniel Suarez were spotted in the MotoGP paddock at the Grand Prix of the Americas last week before their NASCAR race on Sunday. Earlier, MotoGP riders Miguel Oliveira and Raul Fernandez visited Trackhouse Racing’s NASCAR headquarters in North Carolina.

All of this was promoted across various team social media channels.

“It’s our one opportunity to race on American soil. I spent a lot of time chatting with fans who approached me and expressed gratitude for our involvement and investment in motorcycle racing,” Marks said. American fans are eager to see an American rider, but currently, there isn’t one.

It’s been a while since an American had a full-time ride in MotoGP, with the last one in 2015. Moreover, no U.S. rider has won a MotoGP race since 2011. The late Nicky Hayden was the last American champion in 2006.


Talent development in Europe dominates at all levels. Out of the 22 riders this season, 16 are from Spain or Italy, including Fernandez, while Oliveira is Portuguese. Joe Roberts, who races for the Onlyfans American Racing team, is the lone American rider at the Moto2 level.

“Having an American rider competing for wins at the top level of GP is the ideal scenario. It may take some time to get there, but hopefully, Trackhouse can help nurture American talent,” Marks said.

The announcement of Liberty’s takeover mentioned that Dorna would remain an “independently run company” headquartered in Madrid. Carlos Ezpeleta, Dorna’s chief sporting officer, recently played down the likelihood of significant changes shortly.

The series has already introduced F1-style sprint races and expanded its calendar to 22 races. “Liberty believes that the sport doesn’t need fixing, and we agree with that,” Ezpeleta said. MotoGP had three races in the U.S. in 2013. By 2016, it was down to one. The Circuit of the Americas has hosted the series for a decade. Race sites are mostly set through 2026.

Epstein said adding a new U.S. race too soon would only dilute attendance at his race and a new one. Marks would like to see MotoGP follow the F1 model of expanding into new American markets with international appeal and flavor, such as Southern California or Miami.

Marks chose Los Angeles as the site to introduce the Trackhouse team and liveries back in January. Friends Vince Chu, 59, and Russ Smith, 69, of Las Vegas made their first trip to the race in Austin last week. They were decked out in Ducati gear as they roamed the “Ducati Island” fan zone.

Both said they hope MotoGP will draw new fans and welcomed the idea of more races, particularly on the West Coast. But they also had a message for Liberty and any idea about expansion: MotoGP fans expect their series to remain affordable.

“I’m a Formula 1 fan, I’m from Las Vegas, and I couldn’t go to the race in Vegas. (Cost) was outrageous,” Chu said. “If it’s ridiculous like Formula 1, people won’t go.”


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