Mourinho Feels Manchester United Offered More Backing to Ten Hag Than Himself

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Jose Mourinho
Mourinho during his stint with Man United (Credit: New York Times)

Former Manchester United manager José Mourinho recently discussed his tenure at the club, expressing regret over the level of support he received compared to current manager Erik ten Hag. Mourinho, who led United from 2016 to 2018, highlighted the challenges he faced in achieving results due to what he perceived as a lack of trust and backing from the club’s leadership.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Mourinho acknowledged that while his personal relationship with former chief executive Ed Woodward was positive, their professional rapport was not as supportive as he would have liked. He noted that Ten Hag, currently in charge at United, appears to have a different level of support and trust from the club hierarchy, which Mourinho believes could have made a difference during his own tenure.

Jose Mourinho during his first presentation as the coach of Man United (Credit: British GQ)

Reflecting on his departure from United, Mourinho expressed sadness at not being given the opportunity to fully implement his vision for the team. He emphasized the importance of trust and belief in his experience, suggesting that with greater support, the outcomes could have been different.

Mourinho commented on certain players in United’s squad whom he wanted to part ways with during his time at the club due to what he perceived as a lack of professionalism. While acknowledging that he did his job to the best of his abilities, Mourinho expressed hope for the club’s success moving forward.

Mourinho’s tenure at United was marked by conflicts with senior players, including Paul Pogba and Bastian Schweinsteiger. Regarding Pogba’s suspension for a doping offense, Mourinho expressed sympathy for the player’s situation and suggested that winning the World Cup may have altered Pogba’s priorities.

As for Ten Hag’s future at United, Mourinho’s comments come amid uncertainty following recent investment in the club and subsequent changes. Despite reaching the FA Cup final, United’s performance has been inconsistent, raising questions about the team’s direction under Ten Hag’s leadership.


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