Navigating the Russell Wilson Conundrum: Denver Broncos’ Four Paths Forward

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Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson (Credits: NFL)

The Denver Broncos have decided to bench Russell Wilson temporarily, but the challenge lies in finding the most effective way to part ways with the nine-time Pro Bowl quarterback in the long run. The decision is not a straightforward one, and the Broncos are faced with four potential options for the upcoming offseason:

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson (Credits: Oregon Live)

1. Immediate Release:

The Broncos could release Wilson before the fifth day of the new league year in mid-March, avoiding $37 million in additional guaranteed money. However, this would result in an $85 million dead cap charge in 2024, the largest in NFL history for a single player.

2. Post-June 1 Designation:

Opting for a post-June 1 designation on Wilson’s release would spread the dead money hits over two years—$35.4 million in 2024 and $49.6 million in 2025. This option becomes more likely considering the Broncos’ ample salary cap space in 2025.

3. Trade Option:

Trading Wilson is another option despite his no-trade clause. Recent unconventional trades have shown that acquiring additional draft compensation could sweeten the deal for the Broncos, making this a plausible but challenging route.

4. Reconciliation:

The least likely option currently is for Wilson and the Broncos to reconcile their differences and continue their relationship for a third season. Despite the benching, the Broncos have not finalized Wilson’s long-term future, leaving room for the possibility of his return.

As of now, the Broncos have not ruled out any option, and speculation about Wilson’s future persists. While Wilson has expressed his desire to stay with the Broncos, he acknowledges the uncertainty and remains open to the possibility of continuing his career elsewhere. The situation is dynamic, and the outcome will unfold as the Broncos navigate through the complexities of parting ways with a significant player like Wilson.


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