NBA Acknowledges Lakers and Grizzlies Played Additional Minute Unnoticed

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NBA admits the Lakers and Grizzlies accidentally played an extra minute and no one noticed

The NBA took an unexpected turn during Friday night’s game between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Los Angeles Lakers. While the Lakers clinched a 123-120 victory, it was discovered on Saturday morning that the game had gone slightly off course. Twitter user Ramiro Bentes pointed out that a shot clock reset error led to both teams inadvertently playing over a minute of extra game time during the third quarter, a blunder that went unnoticed by players, referees, and even the scorekeeping crew.

Following the viral video highlighting the error, the NBA issued a statement acknowledging the mistake. Surprisingly, nobody in the arena, including both teams and the officiating crew, noticed the discrepancy as it unfolded. The revelation sparked amusement and disbelief across social media platforms, with many questioning how such a glaring error could occur without detection in real time.

Despite the opportunity for ridicule, factors such as the Grizzlies’ extensive injury list, which left them short-handed with 13 absent players, softened the criticism. Speculation arose regarding the identity of the scorekeeper responsible for the oversight, humorously suggesting that perhaps one of the players, such as Jack White, who played 14 minutes for Memphis, had taken on dual roles.

While it might be tempting to jest at the expense of the coaching staff of both teams, including the Lakers, whose playoff hopes hung in the balance, the reality is that oversights happen, even in professional sports. The focus may have been diverted elsewhere, overshadowing the clock error amidst the intensity of the game.

The scenario led to amusing hypotheticals, such as the Lakers being forced to file a formal protest over a game they unknowingly played under protest. However, despite the potential for a pivotal outcome, the Lakers secured the win, albeit with an unintended extension to the game duration.

In the end, the incident serves as a curious footnote in NBA history, showcasing the unpredictability and occasional absurdity of professional sports. LeBron James and the Lakers emerged victorious from a game that officially ran 49 minutes in regulation time, a fact that may spark lighthearted debates about the greatest of all time (GOAT), with some cheekily suggesting that LeBron’s feat sets him apart from Michael Jordan.


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