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NBA Players Express Mixed Feelings About Frequent Jersey Changes

NBA teams have been sporting City Edition jerseys designed by Nike for the past six years, but not everyone is a fan of the latest designs. Washington Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma expressed his candid opinion when it appeared that the Los Angeles Clippers’ jerseys had been leaked, suggesting that the constant release of new jersey designs undermines the tradition and brand identity. He shared his thoughts on Twitter, stating, “Nike is ruining the nostalgia of jerseys; every year it’s a new jersey, and what gets lost is brand identity.”

NBA Players
NBA Players (Credits: ESPN)

In the past, NBA teams typically had just two sets of jerseys, one for home games and one for away games. However, the categorization has evolved, with “Association” and “Icon” replacing home and away designations, while classic jerseys are throwbacks, and City Edition and Statement Edition jerseys serve as alternates. Each uniform features a unique design, and teams release schedules to inform fans when they will be worn.

Kuzma’s perspective is influenced by the fact that he is a Puma athlete, having signed a five-year deal with the brand in 2019. Even athletes associated with Nike may not always have an unwavering affinity for every product or design decision. For instance, Phoenix Suns’ Kevin Durant recently offered a lukewarm review of his own Nike KD 16 shoes earlier this month.


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