“NBA stars Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard were left in disbelief by Damian Lillard’s half-court shots,”

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Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard

Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard were full of admiration for Damian Lillard’s remarkable performance during the 2024 NBA All-Star Game. Both Durant and Leonard were particularly impressed by Lillard’s incredible shooting range, as he showcased his prowess by sinking two half-court shots on Sunday night in Indianapolis, Indiana.

During the post-All-Star Game media sessions, Durant expressed his deep respect for Lillard, the recipient of the 2024 Kobe Bryant All-Star Game MVP award. He attributed Lillard’s ability to make long-distance shots to his exceptional work ethic and dedication to his craft.

“Me and Kawhi were in awe of him shooting from the half-court line like it’s a free throw,” Durant remarked. “That’s just strength, power, just muscle memory. Somebody who works extremely hard every day on their craft to be able to do that without flinching. It was just normal, natural motion.”

Lillard’s standout performance saw him tally 39 points while shooting an impressive 53.5% from the field and connecting on 11 of his 24 attempts from beyond the arc.

Damian Lillard (Credits: Getty Images)

Notably, Lillard dominated the first half of the game, contributing 22 of his 39 points and setting the tone for the Eastern Conference’s victory, their first since 2014.

Meanwhile, Durant recorded 18 points, five rebounds, five assists, and two steals in his limited 24-minute appearance, as the game was already decided by the third quarter.

Leonard, who played for just 10 minutes, contributed five points and two rebounds, showcasing his resilience after overcoming an adductor injury before the All-Star break. His availability for the game was initially uncertain, making his contribution all the more remarkable, especially given his consistent performance for the LA Clippers this season.

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