New York Giants Quarterback Daniel Jones Undergoes Successful ACL Surgery, Faces Extended Recovery Period

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Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones (Credits: NBC Sports)

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones successfully underwent surgery to repair the ACL in his right knee on Wednesday and is now embarking on a recovery period expected to span eight to 10 months. The procedure, conducted by team physician Dr. Scott Rodeo at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, positions Jones, 26, for a potential return right around the commencement of next summer’s training camp.

Speaking on the “Up and Adams Show” on Tuesday, Jones, who sustained the injury on November 5 against the Las Vegas Raiders, expressed his focus on day-to-day activities aimed at regaining his health. Anticipating the surgery and subsequent recovery, he emphasized the uncertainty ahead but stressed his commitment to doing everything within his control to facilitate a successful comeback.

Having secured a four-year, $160 million deal earlier in the year, Jones is set to receive an additional $35.5 million in guaranteed pay for the next season. Despite high expectations, the current season unfolded differently than envisioned, with the Giants facing challenges beyond Jones’ performance. The quarterback’s statistics this season, including two touchdown passes, six interceptions, and 30 sacks in six games, have raised questions about his future.

Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones (Credits: Newsday)

With the Giants likely to secure a high pick in the upcoming draft, the team’s prospects and roster decisions hang in the balance. Undrafted rookie Tommy DeVito has taken the reins in the last two games for the struggling New York team, currently residing at the bottom of the NFC East. Veteran backup Tyrod Taylor is sidelined on injured reserve with a rib cage issue.

Jones opted for a 17-day delay before undergoing surgery to allow for swelling reduction and muscle strengthening around the knee. Even in the locker room last week, he exhibited minimal signs of impairment, walking with only a slight limp.

The injury occurred during a play against the Raiders when Jones’ right knee buckled while attempting to move in the pocket. Despite an initial attempt to return, his knee gave out on the subsequent play, leading to his decision to undergo surgery.

The season, which commenced with promise and heightened talent, concluded with limited accomplishments and a significant injury setback. Jones had previously missed three games this season due to a neck injury.

In the six games Jones started this season, the Giants recorded a 1-5 record, and he achieved a QBR of 39.1. In contrast, the previous season saw Jones finish sixth in QBR at 62.9, guiding the Giants to the playoffs with an impressive postseason win over the Minnesota Vikings.

Reflecting on the challenges, Jones acknowledged the difficulty of having a season cut short by injury but maintained a resilient outlook. He emphasized his determination to rebound, approach rehabilitation diligently, and return stronger, recognizing the inherent challenges at this level of the game.


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