NFL Fans Crushed Bill Belichick After Suffering the Worst Loss

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Bill Belichick
Bill Belichick (Credits: Bleeding Green Nation)

In the world of sports, wins are celebrated, and losses are criticized, especially by fans. The change of events caused the Cowboys team to deliver a crushing defeat to the New England Patriots. They have experienced their worst defeat ever in this season and 24 years. The decisive final score was 38-3 at AT&T stadium.  New England Patriots team head coach Bill Belichick faced the criticism.

The Cowboys team boasted the win through their flawless playing strategy as they witnessed the important contribution of their team players. Their amazing performance was full of some memorable moments. He had an impressive defensive sack, a pick 6, and a strip that led to another touchdown. He was also a defensive player who scored 2 points conversion.

New England Patriots team
New England Patriots team (Credits: Pats Pulpit)

Cowboys Team Play

Daron Bland, the Cowboys team cornerback, was a threat to the Patriots team. He intercepted Mac Jones twice and converted one into a touchdown.

Bland have previously also showcased their defensive abilities in the season opener against the New York Giants team. His incredible performance against the Patriots was a sign of this adaption. He moved to the cornerback position in the play due to Trevon Digg’s injury at the season’s end.

Dante Fowler’s sack on the Jones made the way for Esch’s 11-yard scoop to score. This showcased the exemplified Cowboy’s team dominance the whole game. The Patriots team entered the second quarter of the game. They were only 7 points behind. But found themselves overwhelmed by the end of the first half.

They were behind with a score of 28-3. Dak Prescott, quarterback of the Cowboys team, also showed excellent leadership during the game. He threw an early touchdown pass to CeeDee Lamb. But finished the game with a stat line of 28 out of 34. 261 yards without accepting an interception.

Belichick has been the head coach of the Patriots. He is a six-time Super Bowl-winning coach and has a track record of 300th career regular-season victory. But the Cowboys had other plans. The team’s determination led to their 10th continuous home win since the early 90s.

Despite this, the game was not just about the numbers and plays. The emotions ran high during the former star runner back Ezekiel Elliot tribute. The two times-rushing champions for the Cowboys team are now with the Patriots team—the heartfelt ovation by the crowd that commemorates seven seasons with Dallas.

Fans Criticism

After the consequence of the loss, various sports talk shows became the medium to vent their grievances. The performance of the players and various blame on the coaching staff added to the list of criticisms. The sentiments of the fans are clear enough. This defeat was just not a loss. But betrayal of the standards and expectations set by the patriot team.

For New England quarterback player Mac Jones, the game was specifically challenging. After the two interceptions and a passer rating of just 39.9, he was benched during the third quarter. Now the question arises: is it a sign of deeper problems with the Patriots’ team?

With their record of 1-3, they need to look eternally and plan the game strategy for upcoming matches. For the Cowboys team, this win permanent their place as one of the NFC teams this season. It bounced back strongly from the latest setback against Arizona.


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