Oban Elliott Reflects on Meeting Chael Sonnen and CM Punk After Debut UFC Victory: ‘I literally am living the dream’

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Oban Elliott on meeting Chael Sonnen and CM Punk after first UFC win: ‘I literally am living the dream’

Oban Elliott is riding high, soaring above all others in his moment of triumph. This past Saturday marked his UFC debut, a monumental occasion where he secured a unanimous decision victory over Val Woodburn at UFC 298.

For Elliott, this victory not only made him a cherished childhood dream but also fulfilled a promise made to his late father. Basking in the glory of his achievement, Elliott expressed his euphoria, proclaiming himself to be living the dream.

In an interview on The MMA Hour, Elliott reflected on the significance of his win, emphasizing the invaluable experience gained from three intense rounds under the spotlight.

Despite not securing a first-round finish and the accompanying financial reward, Elliott is confident that the dividends from this victory will far exceed any monetary value. He affirmed his determination to ascend to the top of the UFC ranks, buoyed by his unwavering resolve and resilience showcased during the fight.

However, Elliott’s remarkable night didn’t end with his triumph in the Octagon. Following the requisite post-fight procedures, he was pleasantly surprised with an opportunity to meet CM Punk, a legendary figure in wrestling whom Elliott admired since childhood.

Overwhelmed with excitement, Elliott seized the chance to converse with his idol, exchanging thoughts and experiences in a surreal moment he will cherish forever.

Oban Elliott
Oban Elliott (Credits: MMA Fighting)

Further adding to the surreal nature of the evening, Elliott had the privilege of meeting his childhood hero, Chael Sonnen.

The encounter was filled with mutual admiration and genuine camaraderie, as Sonnen imparted words of wisdom and encouragement to the aspiring fighter. For Elliott, meeting Sonnen and CM Punk epitomized the full realization of his UFC experience, leaving him buzzing with excitement days after the event.

Elliott’s journey to UFC victory has been shaped by the influence of his idols, particularly Sonnen, whose impact on his career trajectory has been profound. The opportunity to meet Sonnen and CM Punk served as a surreal affirmation of his dedication and perseverance in pursuing his dreams.

As he looks ahead to his next challenge in the UFC, Elliott remains focused on his continued success.

With a potential opportunity to compete closer to home in a Manchester card scheduled for July, he is eager to capitalize on the momentum from his debut win. Despite the bumps and bruises endured in his recent bout, Elliott remains steadfast in his determination to conquer new heights in the Octagon.

Reflecting on his whirlwind of a week, Elliott is content to bask in the glow of his recent victory without concerning himself with potential opponents.

He acknowledges the importance of setting up the next fight but remains fully immersed in savoring the joy of his current achievement. For now, Elliott’s focus is on relishing the moment and embracing the journey that lies ahead in his UFC career.


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