Olympic organizers reveal their plan for utilizing artificial intelligence in sports

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Olympic Rings

Olympic organizers shared their strategy on Friday for incorporating artificial intelligence into sports, joining the worldwide movement to leverage the rapidly advancing technology.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) outlined how AI could be applied, suggesting it could aid in spotting talented athletes, customizing training methods, and enhancing fairness in judging.

“We are taking another step today to ensure the specialness of the Olympic Games and the importance of sport. To achieve this, we must lead change,” stated IOC President Thomas Bach at a press briefing held at the former London Olympic Park, which hosted the Summer Games in 2012.

Bach emphasized the responsibility of using AI’s vast potential ethically and productively.

Thomas Bach

The IOC’s revealing of its AI strategy comes as it prepares for the upcoming Paris Olympics, scheduled to start in just under 100 days.

Additionally, the IOC plans to utilize AI to safeguard athletes from online harassment and enhance the broadcast experience for remote viewers, a critical source of revenue through broadcast rights sales for the IOC.

Controversy has emerged surrounding the Paris Games’ use of artificial intelligence for security, particularly with plans for a video surveillance system featuring AI-powered cameras to identify potential security threats like abandoned items or sudden crowd movements.


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