Padres Prospect Ethan Salas

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Padres Salas (Credits: CBS SPorts)

The Tin Caps announced on Tuesday that the San Diego Padres are promoting a 17-year-old prospect Ethan Salas in their High-A- Affiliate that too in Fort Wayne. Previously he was stationed with San Diego’s Single-A-Affiliate, also in an amazing place known as  Lake Elsinore, where he had amazing batting.

The score of his runs was tempting enough, like 267/350/487, and he even made nine home runs with five stolen bases (that too on seven attempts), and it was a record for a total of 48 games he played.

Salas celebrated his birthday on June 1, and it was his 17th birthday making him the youngest player ever to appear at this level in this season.

The fan-graphs data showed that only one other player recorded as much as this single- A-Affiliate at-bat this year and is just of age 18, maybe even younger: Baltimore Orioles catches the prospect of Samuel Basallo, and on August 13, he’ll be turning 19 this year.

17-year-old Catching Prospect (Credits: CBS Sport)

He is counted as the one who is in the starting lineup on Wednesday. He was batting in the second position and was even catching against the Lansing Lugnuts.

Jose is also the brother of Salas and is a member of the Minnesota Twins organization. They originally signed with the Padres in the month of January that too for a respectable amount which is $5.6 million.

Since then, Padres have treated him in a sort of very aggressive manner, and he even played him during a big-league spring training game that too at a very early age which was just 16 years old.

Padres Prospects Ethan Salas:

The assistant farm director Mike Daly said that part of the way that they have done this is with Padres, and this was told to Jeff Sanders of the San Diego Union-Tribune. What they really want is to push the gifted one and create the best out of him.

Every young catcher as a whole has a very high sky attrition rate, and according to them, it’s only fair to acknowledge that only Salas is the one who looks like a bright star in the whole making. Scouts always boast and rave about that naturally born polished defensive skills.

He is considered as a potential above-average or one of the best hitters, and that too from the left side. It eventually bodes for all those special projections that he has far held his own and that too against especially older competition.

In the Padres system, Salas seems likely to rank the position number 2, and this happened when CBS Sports conducted its analysis of each team’s farm system this winter.

Jackson Merrill was shorts topped by San Diego to the position of number 14 in the mid-season update, and now one can expect that it may go up to position 1, which is indeed a victory.

For now, the tin caps are tied for first place in the mid-west league east division even though there are around 30 games remaining in the regular season. In order to buy the tickets, one can go through the site Tin Caps and buy them soon.


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