Paris Johnson Jr. states that Marvin Harrison Jr. expresses a desire to join the Cardinals

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Paris Johnson Jr.

The Cardinals have the fourth pick in the draft. Before they choose, three quarterbacks might be picked. Could Ohio State receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. be their pick?

According to Paris Johnson Jr., a former teammate, that’s what Harrison wants. Johnson mentioned in a Cardinals Corner podcast that he talked to Harrison about it, suggesting he could be a Cardinal. Harrison expressed his desire to join the team.

The big question is if the Cardinals need to keep the fourth pick to get him or if they could trade down and still get him.

Paris Johnson Jr. (Credits: SI)

Chris Simms ranks Harrison at No. 3. However, it might be risky for the Cardinals to wait and see if they can get him later, especially with the Chargers at No. 5 needing a receiver.

This is part of the excitement of the draft for fans, but it can be stressful for teams. When is the right time to pick a player? Can they wait and still get him? What if someone else picks him first?

Harrison might let teams know he only wants to play for the Cardinals. However, it’s uncertain if other teams would respect that. It’s an honor to be chosen to play for a team, even if you prefer to choose where you work and live.


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