Pat McAfee criticizes an NFL veteran for far**ng on live TV and not taking responsibility for it

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During a recent episode of the Pat McAfee Show featuring ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky, things got interesting when a strange noise interrupted their chat. Some thought it sounded like a fart, but it also resembled the sound of windshield wipers, which made sense since Orlovsky was in his car during the interview.

Despite this, the show’s crew was convinced it was a fart.

“Dan! Dan!” McAfee jumped in amid laughter from everyone. “Looks like we have another farting Dan Orlovsky situation,” he joked. Orlovsky tried to continue talking, looking confused by the sudden commotion. But McAfee and the crew couldn’t stop laughing and interrupted him again.

Dan Orlovsky

“Your butt was talking,” Pat McAfee joked as Orlovsky tried to make sense of what was happening. He seemed puzzled as he tried to understand. After a few explanations, he finally caught on.

“I didn’t fart,” Orlovsky insisted once he understood what was being said. “That’s twice now, Dan. You’re becoming famous for this,” McAfee responded, amused. This incident quickly spread on social media, bringing laughter from viewers everywhere.

For those who know Orlovsky’s quirky personality, this was just another funny moment. Whether it’s sniffing Molly Qerim’s shoes or showing off odd habits, the former quarterback’s unique behavior always entertains.


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