Patrick Peterson maintains his identity as a cornerback and believes he still has plenty of gas left in the tank

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Patrick Peterson (Credits: TheMirror)

Cornerback Patrick Peterson is still without a team, even after the Steelers released him three weeks ago. However, he remains optimistic about finding a new team.

“I’ve had talks with a few teams,” Peterson said on the NFL on Fox podcast. “Nothing too serious yet, but there have been discussions. . . . We’ll see what happens in the next few months.”

Peterson, who is 33 years old, hasn’t been selected for the Pro Bowl since 2018, but he’s confident that he can still contribute to a team.

“I believe I still have a lot to offer and can bring both leadership and playmaking skills to any team that wants me,” Peterson said. “As I go through the free-agent process at this stage of my career, I’m taking it one day at a time.”

Patrick Peterson (Credits: ESPN)

While Peterson played as a free safety for some snaps last season with the Steelers, he still views himself primarily as a cornerback and prefers not to transition to safety full-time.

“I wouldn’t want to switch to safety right away because it’s a different role,” Peterson explained. “It requires a different perspective and preparation. It’s a different game from being a cornerback, where you’re used to making tackles in tighter spaces.

As a safety, you’re the last line of defense with a lot of ground to cover. If that’s the plan, I’d need some time to adjust and maybe even get guidance from experienced safeties like Ed Reed or [Troy] Polamalu.”

Peterson, who has 36 interceptions, hopes to play for at least one more season. “If this turns out to be my last season, I’d be disappointed because I had set a goal to play for 14 years,” Peterson said. “But there’s still time, and I’m hopeful for another opportunity.”


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