Paul Felder acknowledges the challenge of turning down a UFC 300 bout: “I’m leaning toward wanting to do it”

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Paul Felder admits it would be hard to pass on UFC 300 fight: “I’m leaning toward wanting to do it”

Paul Felder doesn’t know if he’ll ever have another pro-MMA fight, but he isn’t shy to admit the thought of another bout is enticing.

Felder’s last pro-MMA fight took place back in November 2020. He dropped a split decision to former UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos. During the UFC Vegas 27 broadcast, Felder, who was on commentary duties that night, announced his retirement.

“The Irish Dragon” ended up re-entering the USADA testing pool in case he wanted to compete again. Felder hasn’t committed to another fight, but it could end up being a possibility.

Paul Felder
Paul Felder (Credits: YouTube)

Paul Felder Open to UFC 300 Fight?

Paul Felder spoke to media members during UFC Vegas 84. In his scrum, Felder said that he and Jim Miller had a fun conversation about possibly fighting (via

“When we talked to Jim in the fighter meetings, obviously, the people around me are kind of egging it on and pushing me,” Felder said. “I was like, ‘If you call me out, Jim, it’s something I’d be interested in doing.’ He’s like, ‘If you get me a job sitting next to you on the desk, we’ll make it a deal.’ I think they’ll be calling him for at least an audition coming up soon. When he said that, it’s like, f*ck, now he’s setting me up with all the things I said, ‘If he does this, if this happens, then I’d be interested in doing it.’ I’ve just got to get back in the gym and see how things feel.”

Felder knows that a showdown with someone as well-respected within the MMA community as Miller is an exciting thought.

“That’s why it’s so tough and so tempting, and I’m leaning toward wanting to do it,” Felder said. “Because it’s Jim – as he wants to be called at UFC 300, ‘Jim F*cking Miller.’ He’s awesome. He fights awesome – especially when I get to see that fight right in front of my eyes. It’s a leg-kick battle. It’s a standup battle, primarily.”

It’ll be interesting to see if Paul Felder decides against a return fight or if the itch to compete again will win out.


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