Paulo Dybala selects Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and an unexpected player as his top three teammates.

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Paulo Dybala

Roma forward Paulo Dybala surprised many when he revealed his picks for the three best players he has ever played with.

Dybala, 30, named Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi as his top choices, having had the privilege of sharing the pitch with them at Juventus and with Argentina, respectively.

In a twist that caught attention, Dybala also included Gonzalo Higuain among his favorite teammates. He expressed his admiration for Ronaldo’s championship mentality and credited him for instilling in him a deeper dedication to his craft and an unwavering desire to succeed.

Higuain (Credits:

Reflecting on his dream fulfilled of playing alongside Messi, Dybala emphasized the continuous inspiration he derives from the Argentine maestro, particularly cherishing their shared triumph in the World Cup.

With a decorated career marked by five Serie A titles since his move from Argentina to Italy in 2012, Dybala credits his success to his journey, which started at Palermo before making a significant move to Juventus.

Dybala also reserved praise for one of his former coaches, José Mourinho, highlighting the stimulating experience and invaluable growth he experienced under the seasoned tactician’s guidance.

As Roma transitions under new leadership with coach Daniele De Rossi, Dybala expressed enthusiasm for the inspirational approach De Rossi brings to the team, drawing from his iconic status as a former player and his dedication to his coaching role.


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