Pittsburgh is likely to host the 2026 draft

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NFL Draft 2024

In 2015, the draft unintentionally became a traveling event. The next stop on this journey is expected to be Pittsburgh in 2026.

According to multiple reports, NFL owners are likely to award the 2026 draft to Pittsburgh later today.

It seems likely that every NFL city will eventually host the draft. Unlike the Super Bowl, which needs good weather and a local infrastructure with many hotel rooms and a large convention center, the draft can take place anywhere. Eventually, it will take place everywhere.

NFL Draft Stage

In two years, it will be Pittsburgh’s turn. Pittsburgh will be an excellent host. It’s a large city with a small-town feel and a deep love for football.

This love for football extends beyond Pittsburgh to the surrounding communities in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. It’s a football heartland, and people will eagerly drive in, park wherever they can, and join the tens of thousands of fans gathering for the event.


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