Princess Diana’s Connection to the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kelly Green Throwback

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Princess Diana
Princess Diana

The Philadelphia Eagles are set to sport their Kelly Green throwback uniforms for an upcoming prime-time matchup with the Dolphins, reviving the iconic ’80s look. Interestingly, it has come to light that one of the most celebrated figures of that era, the late Princess Diana, was an avid admirer of the Eagles’ design. According to an upcoming feature on ESPN, the royal celebrity held her own Eagles varsity jacket.

The former Princess of Wales made a fashion statement by donning the Kelly Green jacket in a summer 1994 edition of People magazine. She had been seen wearing it during a visit to Alton Towers Theme Park in Staffordshire, England, as reported by People.

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, appreciating the association, had the magazine cover enlarged for display in his office at Veterans Stadium. Diana’s choice to sport Eagles attire was more than a mere fashion statement; it was a way to connect with the people and demonstrate her relatable side.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana

In ESPN’s upcoming feature, former bodyguard Ken Wharfe shares insights on Diana’s desire for normalcy, a challenge she faced as a member of the royal family. Diana strived to provide her children, William and Harry, with a down-to-earth upbringing, steering clear of excessive formalities. Her preference for a casual style was an embodiment of her commitment to being relatable to the public and her children.

But how did Diana come to possess the Eagles jacket in the first place? The story, previously shared, details a meeting between Diana and former Eagles statistician Jack Edelstein at the funeral of Princess Grace of Monaco (also known as Grace Kelly, the Philadelphia-born, Oscar-winning actress) in 1982.

During their conversation, Diana mentioned her favorite colors, green and silver, which align with the Eagles’ team colors. The team soon got wind of this, and it was team owner Leonard Tose who came up with the idea of providing Diana with Eagles apparel.

As Jack Edelstein revealed, Diana expressed her appreciation for the clothes, and it’s clear that the Eagles’ Kelly Green made a lasting impression on the iconic royal figure.


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