Profar Secures Padres Victory Following Smith’s ‘Irrelevant’ Remark

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Profar wins it for Pads after Smith’s ‘irrelevant’ jab

San Diego Padres outfielder Jurickson Profar clinched a significant victory against the Los Angeles Dodgers with a game-winning hit at Dodger Stadium. His three-run double in the seventh inning, following a day when Dodgers catcher Will Smith dismissed him as “irrelevant,” drew attention and praise from his teammates.

Padres third baseman Manny Machado rebutted Smith’s comment, emphasizing Profar’s impactful presence on the team and his decade-long career in baseball, urging respect for his contributions.

The incident stemmed from Profar being brushed back by a pitch from Dodgers starter Gavin Stone during Saturday’s game, sparking a benches-clearing confrontation. Despite the Dodgers’ defense that the pitch was unintentional, Smith’s post-game remarks dismissing Profar added fuel to the rivalry. However, Profar’s response on Sunday, delivering a crucial hit with the bases loaded, underscored his significance to the Padres.

Jurickson Profar
Jurickson Profar (Credits: Getty Images)

Padres manager Mike Shildt reaffirmed Profar’s importance to the team, emphasizing his role as a “glue guy” in the clubhouse and his tangible contributions on the field. Profar’s performance, coupled with his positive influence in the team dynamic, earned him respect and recognition from his peers and management.

During an interview for ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball,” Profar downplayed the incident, indicating that Stone’s pitch was not intentional and refraining from retaliating against Smith’s comment. Despite being aware of the slight, Profar remained focused on his game, emphasizing his dedication to playing baseball rather than engaging in media-driven controversies.

The exchange between Smith and Profar added another layer to the ongoing rivalry between the Padres and the Dodgers, highlighting the competitive tension between the two teams. While Machado downplayed the significance of the incident, he underscored the importance of respecting veteran players like Profar, who have made significant contributions to the sport over the years.

The clash between Profar and Smith underscored the intensity of the rivalry between the Padres and the Dodgers, with Profar’s performance on the field speaking volumes about his relevance to the game. Despite the verbal exchange, Profar and his teammates remained focused on their game, prioritizing their performance over media-fueled controversies.


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