Ran Carthon initially viewed the pursuit of Calvin Ridley as a “far-fetched idea”

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Calvin Ridley (Credits: FOX News)

When news spread that wide receiver Calvin Ridley would join the Titans, it surprised many, as the Jaguars and Patriots were thought to be the top contenders for him.

Even the Titans were caught off guard by how things unfolded. General Manager Ran Carthon mentioned in a press conference that considering Ridley was initially seen as unlikely.

Carthon explained that at first, they didn’t think they could afford to pursue Ridley.

Ran Carthon (Credits: CBS Sports)

However, after some Titans players left in the early hours of free agency, discussions began among Carthon, football operations president Chad Brinker, and head coach Brian Callahan about making a move for Ridley. After some consideration, they decided to go for it.

The process moved swiftly, with team owner Amy Adams Strunk even calling Carthon to confirm the deal while he was speaking with Ridley. Carthon credited the teamwork within the Titans organization for sealing the deal and hopes it leads to success on the field in Callahan’s debut season.


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