Rashee Rice’s Lamborghini, which he had on lease, was reportedly involved in a suspected street race

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Rashee Rice (Credits: SKY Sports)

As more details emerge, the situation appears to be more worrying about Chiefs receiver Rashee Rice. Reportedly, Rice had leased the Lamborghini Urus involved in the six-car crash, which resulted in multiple injuries, with one person hospitalized a day later. Police suspect the Lamborghini and a Corvette were racing on the streets.

The attorney representing the car company confirmed that the vehicle was leased to Rice.

“Classic Lifestyle leased the 2021 Lamborghini Urus involved in this accident,” said Coker. “We had an agreement with Mr. Rice for the lease, and he was supposed to be the only driver of the vehicle,” Coker mentioned that the company hasn’t heard from Rice yet.

“In the past, Mr. Rice had rented several vehicles without any driving issues,” Coker added. “Now, we have a totaled vehicle, and we need to know who will cover the costs. Regardless of who was driving, we’re seeking accountability to ensure our business is compensated.”

Rashee Rice (Credits: FOX16)

Determining the driver is crucial under Texas law, as fleeing the scene of an accident with injuries carries severe consequences. Although Rice has hired a lawyer and promised to handle the situation responsibly, Dallas police haven’t spoken to him yet. This raises questions about what it means to handle the situation properly.

Rice may choose to remain silent, exercising his right, which could make it harder for police to prove his involvement. However, others believe it’s responsible to take responsibility.

According to the Dallas Morning News, a police call sheet names Rice as the suspected driver. Suspecting is one thing; proving it beyond a doubt is another. If none of the car’s occupants cooperate, it might be challenging to prove who was driving.


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