Red Bull and Verstappen Dominate while Hamilton and Mercedes Face Challenges in F1

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Mercedes racer Lewis Hamilton (Credit:Investopedia)

The 2024 Formula One season has been largely dominated by Max Verstappen’s exceptional performance, highlighted by his pole position achievements in every race.

However, beyond Verstappen’s dominance lies a deeper narrative of contrasting performances within many teams, shaping the current state of play in the championship.

Red Bull:
Max Verstappen: 110 points
Sergio Perez: 85 points

Verstappen’s superiority over his teammate Perez has been evident, with the former consistently outperforming the latter in both qualifying and race scenarios. While Perez’s inability to challenge Verstappen for the championship is apparent, his improved form compared to last year has positioned him well for a contract extension with Red Bull.

Max Verstappen
Red Bull racer Verstappen (Credit: Sports Illustrated)

Charles Leclerc: 79 points
Carlos Sainz: 69 points

The battle between Leclerc and Sainz has been closely contested, although Sainz has emerged as Ferrari’s standout performer. Despite Leclerc’s prowess in one-lap speed, Sainz’s consistent race results and recent victory showcase his potential to challenge for wins. Contract negotiations for Sainz’s future add further intrigue to this dynamic.

George Russell: 33 points
Lewis Hamilton: 19 points

Hamilton’s lackluster start to the season contrasts sharply with Russell’s consistent performances. Despite Hamilton’s pedigree, Russell has outshone him in both qualifying and race finishes, raising questions about Hamilton’s motivation amid rumors of his impending departure from Mercedes.

Lando Norris: 58 points
Oscar Piastri: 38 points

Norris has demonstrated his talent with impressive podium finishes and strong qualifying performances, solidifying his position as McLaren’s lead driver. Piastri’s potential is evident, but he has yet to match Norris’s consistency and overall performance level.

Aston Martin:
Fernando Alonso: 31 points
Lance Stroll: 9 points

Alonso’s remarkable form has overshadowed Stroll’s struggles, highlighting a significant performance gap within Aston Martin. While Stroll’s secure position at the team raises questions about its competitiveness, Alonso’s contract extension underscores his pivotal role in Aston Martin’s aspirations for success.

Yuki Tsunoda: 7 points
Daniel Ricciardo: 0 points

Tsunoda’s standout performances have underscored Ricciardo’s struggles, creating a lopsided teammate battle at RB. While Ricciardo has shown signs of improvement, Tsunoda’s consistent pace and results have raised speculation about Ricciardo’s future with the team.

Nico Hulkenberg: 4 points
Kevin Magnussen: 1 point

Hulkenberg’s strong performances have outshone Magnussen’s efforts at Hass, highlighting a significant performance gap between the two drivers. Speculation about Hulkenberg’s potential move to Sauber adds further uncertainty to Hass’s driver lineup for the future.


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