Ricciardo Fumes Over Chinese GP Crash with Stroll

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Daniel Riccardio
Stroll hit the rear end of Riccardio's car (Credit: Getty Images)

Ricciardo expressed his frustration at Lance Stroll’s refusal to apologize for their collision during the Chinese Grand Prix.

The incident occurred when Stroll ran into the back of Ricciardo’s RB car as the pack slowed down before a restart following a stint behind the Safety Car. Despite the cars ahead slowing dramatically and bunching tightly together, no other collisions occurred.

Stroll appeared to shift blame onto Ricciardo, which angered the Australian driver. Ricciardo retired from the race several laps after the collision and was infuriated by Stroll’s remarks, calling him out for labeling him as the culprit.

Daniel Riccardio
Riccardio as seen before the race (Credit: Motorsport)

Ricciardo pointed out that the onboard camera on Stroll’s Aston Martin suggested that Stroll had not been paying attention to the car in front of him before the collision.

Stroll, upon being informed of his 10-second penalty, expressed disbelief and felt it was unfair given the circumstances of the incident.

However, Stroll defended himself, attributing the collision to a chain reaction caused by another car braking suddenly in front of him. He disagreed with the penalty, arguing that he was not solely responsible for the incident.

The stewards ultimately placed the blame on Stroll, stating that he should have anticipated the pace of the cars in front and prepared to brake accordingly to avoid the collision. Stroll received two penalty points on his super license as a result.

This incident adds to the tension between the two drivers and raises questions about race etiquette and responsibility on the track.

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