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Rio Ferdinand Shares an Interesting Idea About Arsenal's New Signing

Rio Ferdinand Shares an Interesting Idea About Arsenal’s New Signing

Pundit Rio Ferdinand thinks Declan Rice is doing great at Arsenal, and people do not talk about how much he costs anymore. He has added strength and safety to the team since moving from West Ham United.

According to Rio Ferdinand, who talked on FIVE while discussing the weekend’s Premier League games, Arsenal had a good victory on Sunday. They played against Everton and returned home with a win, earning all three points.

Rio Ferdinand Shares an Interesting Idea About Arsenal's New Signing
Declan Rice, former West Ham player (Credits: Martin Rickett/PA via AP)

Arsenal has not done well at Goodison Park recently. They obviously lost 1-0 when Sean Dyche became Everton’s coach last season in his first game in charge.

This time, there was not a similar situation. Leandro Trossard was the one who scored the only goal of the game, completing a nice Arsenal move to secure a 1-0 win.

Rio Ferdinand Has Nice Things to Say about Declan Rice

Arsenal have continued their good run this season and will be looking forward to taking another step towards winning the Premier League title. This summer’s big signing was Declan Rice, with Arsenal spending big on the England international.

Rice has had a huge impact on Arsenal, both as a box-to-box player and in front of the back four. Rice’s ability to play both roles at such a high level is a big reason why Arsenal paid so much for his contract – and Ferdinand has his own views on the price.

Ferdinand believes people are no longer talking about Rice’s price because of his excellent performances for Arsenal. The former Manchester United star believes the price was a big talking point in the summer but has now been forgotten as Rice has proven he is worth the money.

Ferdinand has even suggested that he forgot about his eye test with Rice, that he only knows how well he can play, as his price has not been discussed.

“By the way, at the beginning of the season, there was a lot of talk about Declan Rice, his transfer and the cost. “At the moment, there is very little talk about this, but this shows that this player is performing very well and is performing at a high level,” Ferdinand said.

“That Is a testament to him because even if you play for a big salary, even if things don’t go well, or if you’re mediocre, that Is the only thing that gets mentioned. But if… Because if you play well, people won’t even mention it.”

That is all credit to him – forget the eye test. People do not talk about £100 million anymore, so he is like a glove. “He is fit and added a little more strength, safety, and composure to this team,” he added.

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Rio Ferdinand Might Have a Point When it Comes to Kai Havertz’s Recent Struggles.

Looking at Kai Havertz, Ferdinand’s theory may have some weight. Arsenal paid a significant fee for the German player this summer, but he has yet to prove his worth.

Rio Ferdinand Might Have a Point When it Comes to Kai Havertz's Recent Struggles
Rio Ferdinand, former Man United player (Credits: Goal)

The buzz about Havertz is that he was a waste of money and that Arsenal paid too much for him not being able to get into full action at the Emirates Stadium.

No one seems to be talking about Rice’s price tag anymore, so they have moved on to Havertz. Price tags appear more often when players are struggling than when they are doing well.


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