Robbie Avila, Star Player for Indiana State, to Join Coach Josh Schertz at Saint Louis

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Robbie Avila
Avila during a match (Credit: Sports Illustrated)

Indiana State basketball standout Robbie Avila has found a new destination.

In an announcement made during a Saturday conversation with The Field of 68, Avila revealed his decision to transfer to Saint Louis.

The 20-year-old center’s move follows his former coach, Josh Schertz, who departed Indiana State for Saint Louis on April 6. Avila’s decision comes on the heels of Indiana State’s remarkable 2023-24 season, where they achieved a 32-7 record, their best since their national championship run alongside Larry Bird in 1979.

Robbie Avila features for Indiana State (Credit: ESPN)

Despite their impressive performance, Indiana State was overlooked by the NCAA tournament selection committee, leading them to advance to the NIT championship, where they narrowly fell to Seton Hall, 79-77.

During his second collegiate season, Avila showcased his talent by averaging 17.4 points and 6.6 rebounds per game. Now, as he joins Saint Louis, he aims to contribute to their quest for their first NCAA tournament appearance since 2019.

Avila’s rise to prominence in college basketball circles was fueled by his versatile playing style, earning him endearing nicknames like “Cream Abdul-Jabbar” and “Larry Nerd” as Indiana State’s national profile soared.


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