Roger Goodell Talks About What the NFL Plans to Do with Chiefs WR Rashee Rice After Car Accident

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Roger Goodell Explains NFL’s Stance on Chiefs WR Rashee Rice’s Future After Car Crash

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stated that the league is awaiting the conclusion of legal proceedings concerning Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice’s involvement in a multi-car crash last month. Goodell emphasized the importance of allowing the legal process to unfold before taking any action under the league’s Personal Conduct Policies.

Rashee Rice, according to an arrest affidavit, was driving a Lamborghini at 119 mph before causing a six-car collision on the highway. Suspended SMU cornerback Teddy Knox was driving Rice’s Chevrolet Corvette, and both engaged in aggressive maneuvers to navigate through traffic, as detailed in the affidavit. Rice and Knox are facing a civil lawsuit filed by two victims of the crash.

Roger Goodell
Roger Goodell (Credits: The Hill)

Facing eight felony charges, Rice could potentially face suspension from the NFL under its Personal Conduct Policy. Analysts suggest that such disciplinary action is likely to occur during the 2024 season, irrespective of the legal outcomes.

In a statement earlier this month, Rice expressed full responsibility for his involvement in the accident and pledged cooperation with authorities. The victims of the crash, as per court documents, are seeking $1 million in damages, citing various injuries, including trauma to the brain, facial lacerations, contusions, and internal bleeding.

Notably, Rice and Knox reportedly left the scene following the crash, failing to remain to assess if anyone required medical attention. While the NFL is expected to make a ruling eventually, Goodell’s remarks indicate that any disciplinary action will be contingent upon the conclusion of ongoing legal proceedings.

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