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Roy Keane Talks About Arsenal's Decision to Spend £30 Million After Some People Got Mad

Roy Keane Talks About Arsenal’s Decision to Spend £30 Million After Some People Got Mad

Roy Keane has shared his thoughts on Mikel Arteta’s decision to sign goalkeeper David Raya for Arsenal this summer. And he is expressing his opinion about it.

Roy Keane, a known Pundit, has defended Arsenal’s decision to bring in David Raya as top competition for Aaron Ramsdale.

Roy Keane Speaking on Sky Sport (Credits: Daily Post Nigeria)

A one-time Manchester United legend, Roy Keane, spoke on Sky Sports before his former club faced Arsenal this afternoon.

During the interaction on Sky Sports, the topic of Arsenal’s goalkeeping recruitment was brought up. And it was pointed out all the changes they made this summer.

The Gunners made some moves during the summer transfer window. At first, they sold Matt Turner to Nottingham Forest. Again, they arranged a £3 million loan deal to bring David Raya from Brentford.

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As part of the deal, Arsenal can make David Raya’s move a permanent one next summer, and they can do this for £27 million.

The decision to spend a £30 million package, which is a big money on David Raya has been seen as bold because Arsenal already had a good-to-go number-one goalkeeper, Aaron Ramsdale.

Roy Keane likes the idea of Arsenal getting David Raya, even though they already have a good goalkeeper in Aaron Ramsdale. He thinks having strong players in every position is good for the team.

Keane also said that he finds it a bit strange that some people are actually upset about this move. He thinks that having competition in the team makes all the players try their very best to become better players.

He thinks it is strange that some people, especially former goalkeepers on TV, do not like having two good goalkeepers in one team. He believes that competition that players compete to be the best, is good for a team.

This is because it makes everyone work harder to become better. So, he is speechless as to why some goalkeepers do not like it when a new good goalkeeper joins their team.

Having David Raya on the Team Will Make Aaron Ramsdale Work Harder to Become the Best

Keane was likely talking about Ben Foster when he mentioned goalkeepers with strong opinions on this topic.

Having David Raya on the Team Will Make Aaron Ramsdale Work Harder to Become the Best
David Raya and Aaron Ramsdale (Credits:

Ben Foster, who was once Manchester United goalkeeper, said earlier this week that Arsenal’s decision to sign Raya was very ‘pathetic.’

Ben Foster thinks that having Raya on the team might make Ramsdale nervous because he will feel like any mistake might replace him with Raya as the starting goalkeeper.

Well, what we think Arsenal really need is an outstanding performance from all their players in every position. if they want to have a good chance at competing for the Premier League title, especially against a strong team like Manchester City.

Bringing in Raya, whom we know for being really good at using his feet as a goalkeeper, Arsenal believes that this will motivate Ramsdale to become a better player. They also believe this will make the whole team stronger and even more competitive.

However, if Ramsdale does not improve his skills, Arsenal has a good replacement in Raya. Mikel Arteta is willing to make strong decisions to make sure that his team succeeds.


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