Ryan Garcia’s Beer Chug Drama: Missed Weight for Devin Haney Fight

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Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia

Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia, once amateur rivals, were slated to face off professionally in a highly anticipated boxing match, with Haney’s WBC super lightweight title at stake. The match carried additional weight due to their shared history, having split victories in their six amateur encounters.

However, Garcia’s failure to make weight by over three pounds turned the bout into a non-title affair. As per their agreement, Garcia will compensate Haney with $1.5 million for the weight miss, a deal struck during the week leading up to the fight.

Despite the financial penalty, Garcia appeared indifferent to the consequences of his weight miss. This sentiment was evident during the ceremonial weigh-ins, where he chose to chug a beer while stepping onto the scale, signaling a lack of concern for the situation. The incident further highlighted Garcia’s seemingly casual attitude towards the fight and its surrounding obligations, raising questions about his mindset and preparation.

Following the weigh-ins, tensions escalated as Garcia engaged in a heated face-off with Haney. Any semblance of mutual respect between the former amateur rivals seemed to dissipate amid the pre-fight drama. In interviews, Garcia remained defiant, emphasizing his readiness to compete despite the weight discrepancy. His confrontational demeanor and dismissive attitude toward the crowd’s reaction underscored his unwavering confidence in his abilities.

Garcia’s post-weigh-in comments revealed a mixture of defiance and bravado, as he reiterated his determination to confront Haney in the ring. He insisted on meeting his opponent as agreed, emphasizing his financial commitment to the fight while downplaying the significance of the penalty. Garcia’s bold assertions and unapologetic demeanor suggested a belief in his superiority as a fighter, despite the setbacks leading up to the bout.

The unfolding events surrounding Garcia’s weight miss and subsequent behavior painted a complex picture of the young boxer’s mindset. While his actions may be perceived as reckless or disrespectful by some, they also reflect a steadfast confidence in his abilities and a willingness to face challenges head-on. As the showdown with Haney loomed, Garcia’s actions hinted at a determination to overcome obstacles and assert his dominance in the ring, regardless of the circumstances.

Ultimately, the stage was set for a compelling clash between two formidable opponents, with Garcia’s weight miss adding an unexpected layer of intrigue to the narrative. As fight night approached, all eyes were on the ring, eager to witness the culmination of the intense rivalry and the resolution of the controversies that had fueled its buildup.

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