Ryan Garcia’s Unusual Tactics Pay Off in Victory Against Devin Haney: Fight Recap and Analysis

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Ryan Garcia
Garcia speaks to media ( Credit: Getty Images)

In what could be considered a top contender for both upset and fight of the year, Ryan Garcia defied expectations and secured a memorable victory over previously unbeaten Devin Haney. Despite a bizarre pre-fight buildup, Garcia knocked down Haney three times en route to a majority decision win, setting off a significant shift in the landscape of the junior welterweight division.

Garcia’s unorthodox approach, including missing weight by over three pounds, raised eyebrows and led many to doubt his readiness for the bout. However, his unconventional tactics ultimately played in his favor, as Haney and the boxing world were left reeling from Garcia’s unexpected dominance. Despite being ineligible to win the WBC title at 140 pounds, Garcia’s victory sent shockwaves through the sport.

Ryan Garcia
Garcia takes on Haney (Credit: Yahoo Sports)

Here’s a closer look at the key takeaways from this unforgettable night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York:

1. Garcia’s Peculiar Strategy Pays Off:

Despite widespread skepticism, Garcia’s eccentric behavior and mind games proved effective in rattling Haney and altering the dynamics of the fight. While his antics may have raised concerns about his mental state, Garcia’s performance showcased a level of poise and skill that caught many off guard. Despite initial doubts, Garcia’s unorthodox approach ultimately proved successful, securing him a significant victory.

2. Lessons Learned from Past Losses:

Garcia’s defeat against Gervonta Davis last year served as a learning experience, prompting him to approach this fight with a different strategy. By missing weight and imposing a hefty penalty on himself, Garcia gained a tactical advantage over Haney, ultimately allowing him to maintain his strength and stamina throughout the bout. This calculated risk paid off handsomely, as Garcia’s resilience and determination propelled him to victory.

3. Reputations Reversed:

Garcia’s upset victory instantly elevated his status in the boxing world, positioning him as a major player in the 140-pound division. Conversely, Haney’s reputation suffered a significant blow as critics questioned his ability to handle Garcia’s onslaught. Despite his resilience, Haney’s inability to secure a decisive victory cast doubt on his standing as an elite fighter.

4. Golden Boy Promotions’ Redemption:

Garcia’s triumph marked a significant turning point for Golden Boy Promotions, dispelling doubts about the company’s future viability. Despite facing criticism and skepticism, Oscar De La Hoya’s strategic gamble paid off, solidifying Garcia’s status as a rising star in the sport. With upcoming high-profile fights on the horizon, Golden Boy Promotions looks poised for a resurgence.

Beyond his impressive speed and technique, Garcia’s victory highlighted his maturity and growth as a fighter. Under the guidance of trainer Derrick James, Garcia demonstrated patience, composure, and defensive acumen throughout the fight. His ability to adapt and maintain focus under pressure showcased a newfound level of maturity and professionalism.


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