Saints Rookie RB Kendre Miller’s Supposed Season Debut.

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Kendre Miller reported to get off the bench

Borrowing any setbacks this week, rookie running back Kendra Miller will get his first NFL rep this Sunday in Green Bay and in his first NFL game. He actually is playing against the team he grew up cheering for as former Packers quarterback, and Aaron Rodgers was his favorite player.

Kendra Miller did miss the first two weeks of the season with a hamstring injury, but he has been back at practice and practice as a full participant through the first two practices of the week and tells us it feels good to be back, even quarterback Derek Carr is looking forward to getting Kendra Miller back on the field and seeing just the violence that he runs with.

Kendre Miller practicing prior to the game
Kendre Miller practicing prior to the game (Credits: New

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Rookie’s statements prior to his seasonal debut

The statement given by Kendra Miller in the interview explains what sets him apart. He said that know “ I feel like I mix the speed with power, which is a little different because I can run super violent, or I feel like I got the speed to break away, so it’s kind of a 50-50.

The Packers rank near the bottom of the league and run defense, giving up 166.5 yards on the ground per game, but the Saints found a ton of success in their run game, and they are hoping Kendra Miller can provide a spark on the road Sunday when they take on the Green Bay Packers.

New seasonal debut of the rookie
The new seasonal debut of the rookie (Credits: Twitter)

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His chances of getting benched

We don’t necessarily know if he is going to be the leadback for the NEW Orleans Saints. That may very well be Tony Jones Jr., and think about it this way: Jamal Williams might be the lead back when it’s Jamal Williams, and Alvin Camara still plays a big-time role as the change-of-pace guy who can do a little bit of everything while Jamal Williams is the tone setter he’s the guy that totes The Rock he’s the Bell cow back all of that.

Kendre Miller
Kendre Miller (Credits: New York Times)

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Who should we also expect to get substituted?

One could see Tony Jones Jr. filling the role of cowback while Kendra Miller substitutes in and kind of fills the role as the change-your-pace explosive big play guy. The statement was given by Pete Carmichael during the press on where they see Kendra Miller as a route runner.

Dennis Allen said that weeks ago, during training camp, the thing they wanted to see for Miller was for him to develop a little bit more subtlety in his route running so he’s got an in-breaking route. Can he sell the outside break first before cutting inside? Can he sell the leverage shifts? Can he down-throttle and then pick up?

Tony Jones Jr
Tony Jones Jr (Credits: ABC7 CHICAGO)

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His coach’s statement regarding his preparations

Pete Carmichael said that they want to see the things that have left to develop, but they are encouraged in the direction that he is going, and they are also very happy about what he has been able to do in diversity, and he can run an expensive amount of routes from the backfield.

Kendre Miller Celebrating
Kendre Miller Celebrating (Credits: ABC7 CHICAGO)

So when you look at where a guy like Kendra Miller could have an immediate impact, it’s not only his contributions to the run game. It’s to be him as a pass catcher.

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