Scottie Pippen’s Son Justin Picks Michigan Over Stanford and Cal

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Scottie Pippen’s Son Justin, 4-Star Guard, Commits to Michigan over Stanford, Cal

Justin Pippen, a 4-star shooting guard prospect for 2024, made headlines by committing to the University of Michigan, choosing the Wolverines over other notable programs. As the son of NBA legend Scottie Pippen, Justin’s decision attracted attention from basketball enthusiasts and recruiters alike. Despite receiving offers from Stanford, Georgia Tech, Cal, and Texas A&M, Pippen ultimately opted for Michigan under the leadership of new head coach Dusty May.

Pippen cited his aspiration to pursue a career in the NBA as a key factor in his decision to join Michigan. He viewed the university as an ideal environment for his development, recognizing the opportunity to showcase his talents on a prominent stage within the competitive conference. This strategic choice aligns with Pippen’s long-term goals and reflects his ambition to excel in the sport at the highest level.

Drawing inspiration from his family’s basketball legacy, particularly his brother Scotty’s professional career with the Memphis Grizzlies, Pippen emphasized the importance of a strong work ethic. He spoke about the influence of training sessions with his brother and other professional players, including their father, Scottie Pippen Sr. These experiences have instilled in him a dedication to daily improvement and rigorous preparation for the challenges ahead.

Pippen’s impressive senior season at Sierra Canyon High School, where he showcased his scoring, playmaking, and rebounding abilities, underscores his potential impact on the Wolverines’ roster. With notable statistics averaging 16.5 points, 4.9 assists, and 4.5 rebounds per game, Pippen arrives at Michigan poised to contribute to the team’s resurgence. His arrival coincides with Michigan’s efforts to rebound from a disappointing previous season marked by subpar performance and coaching changes.

As Pippen embarks on his collegiate journey with Michigan, he carries the weight of expectations associated with his pedigree and talent. Beyond personal achievements, he aims to play a pivotal role in elevating the Wolverines’ basketball program, aiming for success both on the court and in his pursuit of a professional career. His commitment symbolizes a new chapter in his basketball journey, filled with promise and the potential for greatness on the collegiate stage and beyond.

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