Scouting Report for Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Tackle Troy Fautanu in the NFL Draft 2024

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Troy Fautanu NFL Draft 2024: Scouting Report for Pittsburgh Steelers OT

Troy Fautanu, a standout offensive lineman from Washington, possesses an impressive physical profile, standing at 6’4″, and he has remarkable attributes such as his long arms, athleticism, and power. Primarily playing at left tackle with some experience at left guard, Fautanu showcases dynamic skills in both run-blocking and pass protection.

In the running game, he demonstrates the ability to execute various blocking techniques effectively, including reach, scoop, and angle-drive blocks, while also displaying aggression and finishing ability.

In pass protection, Fautanu exhibits quickness and agility, enabling him to handle diverse pass-rush moves. However, his aggressive approach sometimes leads to overcommitting and being susceptible to deceptive rushes.

Troy Fautanu
Troy Fautanu (Credits: The 33rd Team)

Despite this, he shows promise in utilizing his length and athleticism to maintain control over defenders. Fautanu’s transition from defense to offense early in his college career, along with his background in volleyball, underscores his adaptability and athletic prowess.

Fautanu’s style of play is characterized by high energy and intensity, which can be both an asset and a liability. While his fervor adds to his effectiveness as a blocker, it also makes him vulnerable to rushes that capitalize on his tendency to become off-balance or out of position. Nevertheless, his potential as a starting lineman, particularly at the guard position, is undeniable, with room for growth and refinement in his technique.

Fautanu is regarded as a top prospect in the upcoming draft, with projections placing him in the late first to early second round. His combination of athleticism, length, and aggressive playing style draws comparisons to established NFL lineman Ali Marpet.

With the potential to make an immediate impact at the professional level, Fautanu’s trajectory suggests he could develop into a Pro Bowl-caliber player within his rookie contract.


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